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Our Mission

Cardinal House serves individuals
who have been suffering from substance
dependence and have a desire
to live a life of purpose, free from active addiction.
We provide a safe and comfortable
environment for our members to begin a
new life free from alcohol and drugs.
Cardinal House provides structure,
accountability, and support for our residents
to help enable them to
reach long-term sobriety.

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Recent News

Step Three- Understanding and Accepting

Understanding and Accepting "There is another attitude that works against acceptance, particularly in our relations with those close to us, and it has to do with the role of the intellect. We assume, tacitly, that if we are to accept people, we have to understand them...

Addiction/Alcoholism is a Family Disease

Emotional Sobriety (Book Excerpt The relationship between spiritual recovery and emotional sobriety is probably a gray area for most of us. There may be three reasons for this, all intimately related.  One, we are not clear on what, practically speaking, a spiritual...

step 3 – the right dependence

Right Dependence, True Freedom Acknowledging and accepting our dependence on God is to Step 3 what admitting and accepting powerlessness is to Step 1. The two are closely linked. We are powerless because we are dependent. The power we need to live originates in a...

Step 3 and the turning point

  With Step 3 we come to a turning point in our recovery. Our ability to work the rest of the Steps and to practice the principles of the program in all our affairs rests upon the choice that we make here. In Step 2 we come to believe. In Step 3 we act upon that...

The seeing eye–A new perspective

The goal of the 12 Steps is to take us through a process of spiritual awakening that will radically change who we are. Central to this awakening is a transformational change in perception: the way we see ourselves, other people, God, and the world. As we go through...